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FK Catering- KWI

Whether you are looking for western, oriental or any other international cuisine, we can supply you. That is the reason we have recruited one well-qualified and experienced chiefs, assistants, cooks, and administrative staff.  Our customers include hospitals, schools, military sector and a number of the government establishments as we developed a system of importing and exporting disposable and in disposable materials to all Middle East countries.

We have been in the food service business 2011and recognized as one of Kuwait’s leading catering companies.   Our customer base includes hospitals, educational institutions (Primary School, Secondary School, and Universities), military bases, and other Government institutions.   We employ more than 40professional staff that is managed by an experienced, dedicated, and professional Head Chef who has 20 years of experience in the catering industry.  Our mission is to satisfy the expectations of every customer.  Our training program is designed to maintain Uncompromising Quality and Uncompromising Taste.  Customer service is not just two words to please the staff…it is a PRORITY, just as the care we take to ensure our facility is maintained at the highest level of cleanliness, safety,  hygiene and customer service for local and international customers.  Our training program is designed to maintain Uncompromising Quality and Uncompromising Taste. 

Our facilities consist of a Central Kitchen that can accommodate the supply of foods for more than 4500 daily meals.  Our equipment is serviced in accordance with manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules, and our quality inspection teams perform daily audits/inspections of equipment and personnel to ensure a safe, hygienic environment for food preparation and delivery.  We designed air-conditioned cars to take food for the destinations fast and fresh, also our food services section is following the American government standards and it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards..  More, importantly, we follow the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, which requires a proactive quality approach where we monitor facility activities from food purchase, delivery, storage, preparation, cooking, cleaning, and delivery to customers.  This process ensures compliance with industry standards for maintaining food safety and personnel hygiene practices

Catering Serv

FK LOGISTICS AIM TO BE A Global company with quality services in any country of origin or destination Continuous expansion and advanced of the global logistic network Exceeding the customer expectations & delivering multi superior services to all customers Building long-term relationship with every customer through day to day follow-up upon his requests


Ballerina Bakery

It is a part of the food industry in Kuwait which provide one of the best catering services in the country, we are serving the best sweets and pastries, we have one of the most delicious cakes variety which will match all your needs, while making our fine foods we use the best and fresh ingredients so we can assure you the best quality and standards