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Kuwait Arts for Engineering Consulting was established on 2011 and has become one of the renowned   & engineering design and project management companies in Kuwait.  Architecture and engineering design is our passion.  We always develop creative designs to match customer requirements and expectations.  The client is an active member of the design team to ensure the final product meet their expectations.

Kuwait Arts is provides a comprehensive engineering service package for clients:

1.  Planning: Organization charts, Partitioning projects , Sites analysis.

2.  Architecture: Architecture Design, Development of Building Functions, Interior Design, Cost Estimation, Re-offering Documents and Awarding,     Supervising.

3.  Constructing Engineering: Constructing analyses, Constructing designing, Supporting walls, Soil and basis engineering, Basis engineering, Soil testing.

4.  Projects Management: Real Estate Evaluating, Interim planning, Modern system studies, Project programming, Cost estimation.

5.  Mechanical Engineering: Heating, Air-conditioning and Ventilation, Central Air-conditioning equipments.

6.  Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering, Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency plans, Energy Distributions, Energy calculations.