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Gryphon Air

Air Ambulance

We are capable of providing 24/7 medical evacuation services. Our basic strategy is to perform medevac services worldwide and we oftentimes collaborate with regional allies to meet all requirements. The main assistance office is in Kuwait, with a plan to establish satellite operations in Dubai with an international operator. The Djibouti satellite office will coordinate the Africa-related medevac assistance requirements. Our dedicated medevac aircraft fleet is available to respond to both civilian and military patients, and support humanitarian missions. Our aircraft is configured as a medical care unit with a team of highly qualified paramedics and critical care flight nurses.


Private Jet

Our aviation program provides charter flights and VIP executive business travel worldwide. Our aviation network leverages our capability to support any requirements for charter or VIP arrangements. Our travel and tourism partner, Al Salaam Travel & Tourism, is your one-stop shop for comprehensive services.