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FK Medical

In offering a broad range of primary and specialty care services, including comprehensive primary care, the Clinic services and staff  consist of:--

Our long-term plan is offer Community Service (Social Responsibility) programs in cooperation with the local Universities and vocational Colleges by assisting in training of local medical students e.g., Laboratory Technicians, Nurses, Midwives, etc. 

We have been successful in providing contractual healthcare to large international corporations such as AECOM, AC First, ATCO, DYNCORPS, ITT, KBR, PAE, SUPREME, etc. As a qualified, verified, and registered medical services provider to those organizations, we comprehend the needs of multinational companies in austere environments and readiness to offer the same services to Host countries.As a modern well-maintained Clinic facility attending to highest level of hygiene standards we have received several commendations from our clients.

The Clinic’s hours of operation are 24hours per day, 365 days of the year for acceptance of urgent patient care.  Over medical services are open to Djiboutian citizens and foreign workers alike.  Our staff has extensive experience operating in remote areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The facility’s location is found by  visiting


Through our joint venture FK Medical – Sovereign Djibouti Medical Services (SDMS), in Djibouti, we offer a variety of medical services. Our 2015 entry into the Republic of Djibouti was shaped by our understanding of the country’s infrastructure and services challenges. With over 20 years of combined experience operating in austere environments, our professionals and investors listened and came to understand the needs and the requirements for developing a three-phased plan to introduce our healthcare program in countries such as the Republic of Djibouti based on a near and long-term plan.