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FK Aviation

FK and its subsidiaries have been transporting customers on scheduled and charter flights since February, 2007.  Through the years we have maintained an unblemished safety record and a strong reputation for reliability.

Major world governments and their agencies have come to trust us to provide air transportation for high-level business, government and military leaders, as well as hundreds of thousands of civilian passengers and government contractors as listed next:


Our Executive Charter clients can count on the same world-class safety and reliability enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of our passengers before them.

Gryphon Air

FK Aviation Services has teamed with Gryphon Air LLC to establish air charter and medevac services. We have fleet capability to provide air charter or medical evacuation services worldwide. We have provided charter services to Iraq, Afghanistan during the height of Coalition military operations, and currently operating seasonal flights to Bosnia, Khazakstan, Georgia, etc.


Travel & Tourizm

Our Travel & Tourism agency offers the customers a wide-range of services including When we start organizing trips to specific destinations, we reach out to our local and international network to offer you excellent accommodations and assurance that you will get equal value for your money.