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Ballerina Bakery

Our client is our first priority that is why we hired the best chiefs and the best employees so we can insure the best qualified service to offer the customers andAdditionally, we offer a significant variety of desserts and pastries to reflect the global experience and creativity of our head chef.  He was trained in France to use his artistic baking skills to capture the essence of diverse flavors and designs expected by local and international customers…that is our Guarantee!  put them in the maximum pleasure

Our  Head Chef who have a Tunisian roots carried with him the French food luxury and mix it with the tasty Arabian species to give our customers a formula of the best taste. And we can’t deny also the efforts of the well trained and qualified assistants who are assisting him in the kitchen

Our three branches which are located in Pnaid Al Qar, Al Jabriya and In Abu Hulaifa Areas will be very happy to meet our customers seven days a week to introduce for them the best food and catering services for all occasions, parties, birthdays