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About FK Group

FK Logistic is located in Hawally, Kuwait and was established in 2007.  It was established principally to expand the services rendered by its parent company Fonoun Al Kuwait that was created in 1997.  The company focused on support of military operations in Iraq with the supply of fuel.  The quality of our contract performance opened the doors for us to compete and win more US Government contracts.  Thus, our decision to initiate an aggressive business strategy by expanding into a broader range of logistics services:  sponsorship, lease of equipment, rental car rental, procurement of material, etc.

.  Our success in Iraq motivated us to pursue opportunities in Afghanistan and other international locations.  Our clients and alliances grew rapidly and we were successful in winning additional contracts and establishing office in beyond the GCC. While we gained revenue we did not forget our moral obligation to the less fortunate; therefore, we became and remain an active player in the support of disaster relief or humanitarian events worldwide. 

Some of our customers are located in Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Dubai, Beirut, Georgia, China, Djibouti, Sarajevo and the United States during the 10 year, we have supported the Ministry of Defense, Triple Canopy, DynCorp, the United Nations, KBR, Fluor, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and many other clients. 

With our big number of most advanced and well equipped  _____________ (what kind) storage facilities which are spreading all over the Middle East area, Asia, Africa, and South America.  Our company can build to suit your needs by offering options for your evaluation and acceptance.  FK Logistic Quality Assurance Department of professional and dedicated staff perform quality control audits to assure the best use of the storage areas for food products, general supplies, etc.  All services follow standard business practices and based on staff experience.

Note: Validate List of transportation fleet vehicles is complete

FK logistics is managing a large transportation fleet that consists of low boys, flat beds, refrigerated vans, and box trucks. Our fleet is equipped with the GPRS system to monitor movement of cargo or supplies from its origin to its final destination.  Another capability is to assist with customs clearance of client goods delivered from foreign suppliers.  Our company expediters are very knowledgeable of how to arrange with Government port customs officials all necessary documents to eliminate delays, which could result in expensive penalties.

Our drivers are screened and tested by our top transportation supervisors for driver excellence and traffic rules compliance.  They also are required to receive annual refresher training to re-validate driver proficiency.

With a feeling of pride and glory, FK Logistic has been an active participant disaster relief work all over the world, including the catastrophes in Africa, East Europe and South Asia.  We have supported several natural disasters events, supplying life support facilities, medicine, manpower, food, etc. to assist the ICRC with its assistance programs.  Our team of logistics specialists, pharmacists, and medical doctors work will work with ICRC and other non-government organizations (NGOs), local Government officials to select product and rigorously follow protocols to ensure that supplied commodities are properly distributed to those in need. The FK Disaster Relief management team will collaborate with the lead international or Host country team to support distribution of aid commodities based on their procedures and priorities.

During the year 2010 we were facing one of the biggest challenges witnessed by the world when flooding overran a hundreds of villages in Pakistan.  Our company played a major role in cooperating with the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, United Nations, and many other aid relief organizations by supplying homeless families with tents, food stuff, medical supplies etc.  Additionally, we assisted with the evacuation of burn victims the various hospitals.  Our company has also  setup a life support camp that housed 20,000 homeless persons.  Insert pictures of FK Log personnel in action, if any are available

FK Logistic received numerous awards for its support and humanitarian services. Insert copies of awards

Houston Oil Tech in a `Joint Venture Kuwaiti-American registered located in Houston, Texas (United States of America

offering a wide range of 

oil services including the construction of new facilities, renovation of old facilities, supply of spare parts for the oil industry clients worldwide.  Our project management team is involved in a major project in Bosnia.  This project requires the ________________.